Two Weeks to GO

There’s just time for a very short break to say TWO WEEKS TO GO!

Two weeks from now the big truck will be turning up to take all our stuff to Toulouse. We’ve started packing and doing the vastly dull and time-consuming change-of-address thing.

I’ve been working like a madwoman. Typically, when you’re ready for things to wind down so that you can focus on important things like wrapping plates in bubble wrap, the whole world wants a translation. It’s going to be full-on, high-speed work from now right up until we go.

At the same time, I’ve been watching the tennis (French Open) and the football (EURO 2012). Fortunately both have been pretty dull so I haven’t been distracted too much. The England/France match was a disaster. I’m not sure that any of the players even broke into a jog during the entire match. Most of them just seemed to stand around waiting for something to happen. They’re paid for this? I think I’m going to support Croatia. I’ve followed them for a quite a few years now, and they seem to have a bit of zip about them.

I went to the osteopath on Monday and receptionist asked me for my carte vitale (the French credit-card style card that proves you’re signed up with the health system). Mid-sentence she stopped herself and said instead (and I quote), ‘oh, no, people like you don’t have a carte vitale’.  Did I ever mention that I Hate It Here!