About Me

SeycenThe basics

I’m female, age 45 at the time of writing (a Fire Horse, if you’re into Chinese astrology), of British nationality, living child-free  in France with my long-term French partner (referred to here as Chewbacca, or Chewy for historical reasons). Seycen is, I believe, an olde Englishe worde meaning storyteller. Some dubious sources claim it to be the origin of my surname. I have my doubts.

Working life

The CV is long and varied. Amongst other things I’ve been a barmaid, a diplomat, a software developer, made Lucozade and trained as a shiatsu practitioner. For the past couple of years I’ve been a translator and editor. I really enjoy it, and my ambition is to make the business sustainable and eventually grow to the point where I’m running an agency, rather than working as a solo freelancer.

The blog

My first post was on 29th May 2007. The second was three years later. In 2011 I really got going and posted every day. It was through the blog I realised that the translation and editing were ways of making money from what I love doing – writing.

I’m not planning to post every day in 2012. The discipline was good, but having to post when I really had nothing to say took some of the pleasure out of it. This year I’ll post here when I feel like it; hopefully that’ll be a least once a week!

The other blog

I’ve transferred my daily writing activity to my work blog. I want to have a record of these difficult days for the time when I sell the business for a fortune and someone wants me to write my autobiography :-). Feel free to check it out too, and bienvenue à bord.


6 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi Seycen,

    thank you for your interest.

    We think we found somebody for the editing.

    There might be some work to do on our homepage in the future. It will be on-line in February and we will have an english version as well.

    We’ll stay in touch.



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