Belated New Year Resolutions

January has been a pretty grim month. After all the disruption of Christmas and New Year, I was really looking forward to getting back to work and into a regular routine. So far, so good.

The first ten days or so was OK, but for weeks now I’ve really struggled with depression. Maybe it’s just because it was January, with the usual short days and bad weather. Maybe not. Now that it’s February and we’re starting to see the end of winter, I have to pull myself out of this. In these circumstances, I usually turn to exercise, which usually helps. Now though, it feels as if I need something bigger. I need to change my life more fundamentally.

Two things immediately spring to mind. I must force myself to get out more and spend more time with other people. For one reason or another, I’ve been a virtual recluse these past weeks. Next, I must resume writing (beginning here). After that, I must kick my fear of speaking French and I must keep up the exercise.

I guess that will do for now. The weather’s looking good. Time for a bike ride this afternoon.


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