Unusual remedies (and a bike ride)

My yeast intolerance

Evil Stuff

Following on from yesterday and the dramatic effect that cutting out yeast has had on me, I read this article the other day, which confirms my own experience. The most interesting bit is this:

In my experience, fatigue is often a symptom of sensitivity to wheat or gluten. This, in addition to a tendency to disrupt blood-sugar levels, is another reason why eating something bread based at lunch might make you feel tired later in the afternoon. If you have ever struggled to get any work done at this time it might be due to that sandwich or baguette you had at lunch.

That’s all very well, but I think this lady is closer to the facts of the matter:

I always find that when yeast is a problem, cheese and yogurt are too. There also seems to be a link between yeast and malt.  I do not have precise figures yet, but suspect that around 15% of people have a ‘spin-off’ intolerance to malt.

So what might happen is that a person thinks that wheat is a problem because they get symptoms after eating bread, pizza, pasta, some biscuits and some breakfast cereals – all of which contain yeast.

Anger management

Still on health matters, I also came across this article, which claims that anger can be managed by taking aspirin:

The findings suggest a direct relationship between plasma inflammatory processes and aggression in humans’, said the researchers, writing in the respected journal JAMA Psychiatry. In other words, the inflammation may be making people angry.

If it does trigger anger, the research suggests that rather than trying to calm yourself down, an aspirin could theoretically quell outbursts before they happen.  This is because aspirin blocks the chemical processes of inflammation, as do non-steroidal drugs such as ibuprofen.

This is important to me because, since I’ve developed menopausal symptoms (something else that happened last year), I’ve become very, very irritable. Usually for no good reason. The other night I woke up at 3am in a total strop. What’s that all about??? For a while now, I’ve been treating it with ibuprofen, which helps immensely. I take the point that medication may mask a psychological problem, but honestly, most of the time I’m just p***ed off about everything and I don’t know (or really care) why. No need to talk.

Bike diary

Lovely lovely pedals

Today was a big day. My new clipless pedals arrived (been waiting ten days for them to be delivered, endless) as did my new thermal gear. Technical problems meant the pedals couldn’t be tested (i.e. Chewy had fastened the screws so tightly I couldn’t get the old ones off), but the thermal gear was. Yumm yummmm! Too cosy! I took on a challenge I’ve been promising myself for a while; our local hill (around 280 metres high), three times up and down. It was easier than it sounds, strong tail winds carried me up, but made the descent a bit of a challenge. The wind was so strong I ended up being half-strangled as it tried to pull my helmet off. So much for aerodynamic helmets!!


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