Bonne année 2014…

The Trusty Steed

The Trusty Steed

Oh dear. 2013 seems to have finished, and I don’t seem to have posted anything. I’m not quite sure how that happened, but one of my New Year good-ideas-for-things-to-do is to start writing again. As for 2013…

Overall, it was a quiet year of steady progress – mostly in terms of work. It’s the first year since I’ve been self-employed where I’ve been financially comfortable, to the point where a few weeks of downtime in the summer was very welcome and not a reason to panic. I guess in theory the most significant event was me and Chewy getting civil partnershipped, although it turned out to be a something of a disappointment and we both wondered afterwards why we’d bothered.

In fact, the most significant event of 2013 was the unexpected discovery that I have an intolerance to yeast (see note at the bottom of the page). My symptoms were massive tiredness (usually around 4pm after a sandwich lunch),  headaches and, at its worst, achy joints. In retrospect, I think I’ve had it all my life, I thought it was normal and  it happened to everybody! I stopped eating yeasty-things (thankfully brewers yeast doesn’t have the same effect) and the change was massive. I’ve never had so much energy in my life. During the summer I was struggling to find things to do to absorb my new-found energy.

But I did find something, and that led to the other major development of 2013; my cycling hobby is turning into a bit of a passion. When I’m not working, I’m biking, and when I’m not biking, I’m buying bike gear or reading about biking. I’ve been exploring the local countryside (hills !!) around us  and made it up my first col (aka a mountain pass, the Col de Pradel at 1,600m). I even have a bike computer and monitor my heart rate!!!

Some predictions for 2014:

  • more steady progress with respect to work
  • continued financial stability
  • maybe we’ll buy a house…
  • much more biking! biking holidays, higher hills, faster flats
  • maybe a new bike…
  • I’ll be even fitter (not doing too bad right now)

I suspect you’re going to hear much more about my cycling exploits. You’ve been warned!

Note:  I really mean yeast – not bread or gluten. To see the difference, compare the effects of eating bread versus good-quality pasta. Pasta has no effect on me, but above a certain amount of bread is a killer. Moreover, bakers’ yeast and brewers’ yeast are two different beasts, although I tend to steer clear of beer, just in case.


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