Three Weeks to Go

Français : canal du midi à Toulouse

Français : canal du midi à Toulouse (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Oh yes. Three weeks to go.

In three weeks time, on Wednesday 27th June to be exact, we’ll be loading all our stuff into a van, handing the keys of the shack back to the owner and setting off on the great Toulouse adventure. Yesssss! In the past couple of weeks we’ve been to Toulouse and found a new house. Yes! A house! A whole house. You can walk all the way round it. Well, in fact it’s a bungalow, but it’s still 50% bigger (inside) than where we are now. Plus it has a wide, sunny, south-west facing veranda and a garden big enough for two tennis courts. It’s surrounded on three sides by a wheat field (the neighbours, who are lovely, are on the fourth side) and the road ends outside our back door. The gorgeous Canal du Midi is just in front of us and rabbits play on the lawn in the morning. I can’t really believe it’s finally happening. I’ve been waiting  Years for this. Which brings me to my cactuses.

About three years ago, I bought three small cactuses. In summer I put them outside and in winter they sit on the shelf inside. If they grow at all, it happens very slowly. They still seem to be the same size as three years ago. But, on Monday, two of them burst into life. One has a ring of yellow flowers, and the other a ring of pink flowers. After years of dormancy, all of a sudden, they’re blooming. A little like myself 🙂


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