The Future Looks Bright

Français : La place du Capitole à Toulouse, à ...

Français : La place du Capitole à Toulouse, à la tombée de la nuit avec, au sol, la croix occitane dessinée par Raymond Moretti. English: Capitole of Toulouse, and the square of the same name with the Occitan cross designed by Raymond Moretti on the ground. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

April is just about done, and that is A Good Thing. It means that our moving date is creeping ever closer. It looks a lot like we’re going to be moving the last week in June. We’ve given our notice to the landlady on the current shack,  and we’re going to Toulouse the third week in May to scout out a new mansion. The contract on Chewy’s new job is signed and my spirits are rising with each day that passes. The future is looking very bright 🙂

Apart from the move, there’s a great sporting calendar lined up for the summer. It kicks off (gerrit) with Euro2012 on 8th June – in particular the match between England and France on 11th June. I doubt England will progress out of the group stage, but that’s ok because it give us a week to pack before Wimbledon starts (25th June) and we move. There’s a couple of weeks of tennis to watch before the Tour de France starts on 30th June and by 15th July we should be settled in enough to head off to Foix to see the bikers in person. Then there’s a week to recuperate after the cycling ends and before the Olympics start on 28th July. I’m always surprised that they can fit an entire Olympic games into two weeks, but on 12th August it’ll all be over and time for a holiday.

Bring it on!


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