This image shows Nicolas Sarkozy who is presid...On Sunday I went with Chewy to vote in the French Presidential election. I can’t vote in national elections (yet), but I wanted to see how voting is arranged in France. M Sarkozy and I have something in common. He’s been on the French throne for five years, and this week I celebrate five years of living  in France. Now I’m eligible to apply for French citizenship, and I’m going to. Next time the Presidential election comes round, I’ll be voting too.

Middle age

This week also marks my 45½th birthday. Half way to 90. Middle-age. These past few days I’ve been reflecting on my life so far, and honestly, it seems a bit odd compared to my peers. Most of them have been married for a long time now, have children, have been in the same job since they left University and have a nice house. Whereas I only started living with someone seven years ago. We’re still not married, and probably never will be, don’t have children, and hopefully never will have. I’ve abandoned two good careers for complete job insecurity and I’m earning less than I ever have in my life. I do have a house, but I don’t live in it, and I’m still renting the place I do live in which is the smallest house I’ve ever occupied! Doesn’t seem like a history of great achievement to me.

I’m looking for the upside of this erratic jumble of events. While I wasn’t married and didn’t have kids I had a fantastic job and I was able to travel the world. Thanks to my second career I will never have to ask anyone to help me with my computer and, should I have a change of heart, I can probably still find a good job in the IT industry. I live in France, speak a second language (on a good day) and know a second culture. No kids means I have time for myself and I’m probably in better physical shape now than I’ve ever been in my life. I’ve chosen my current profession and I’ve finally found something I love to do. Although it’s hard going, I have no boss, little stress, more freedom than I know what to do with and enormous potential.  That leaves the house. I’m longing for the day when I can live in my own home again. Happily, our moving date is coming ever closer and in a couple of months we’ll finally be leaving the shack we currently live in. Hopefully then my life will start to become slightly more conventional.


One thought on “45½

  1. Ahaha. C’est super. Je suis curieux de savoir comment se passe une naturalisation en France, si les candidats doivent passer un test et preter serment comme dans certains autres pays. J’espere, pour la tradition 🙂

    C’est marrant quand meme, je reve de quitter ce pays, certains veulent avoir la nationalite.

    Bon anniversaire.

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