Imperceptible Change

The second last time we did our weekly shop (i.e. not last Saturday but the one before) I remember saying to Chewy that even though it was warm, all the trees were still bare. Then last Saturday, as we were driving along to the supermarket I noticed that all the trees were fabulously green. Spring had sprung, and I hadn’t even noticed it!

Last week I bought myself some new supadupa fancy digital bathroom scales (no doubt Spring sprung while I was in the shops). Until I did the bootcamp in January I didn’t know such a thing existed. Unlike the old-fashioned kind where you have to lose half a stone before the needle moves, with these ones you can weigh yourself to the nearest 100 grams. Imagine that!! Armed with my new scales, I redoubled my dieting efforts. Until now the only way I’ve been able to measure weight loss is with a tape measure and, according to the tape measure, nothing has happened. However, the new scales are more sensitive and can detect changes the tape measure cannot. They tell me that I’ve lost nearly two kilos. Yippee!

And finally, here’s one more example of imperceptible change. What is changing in your life, but so slowly that you don’t even know it’s happening?


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