More Thoughts on Insomnia


Sleep (Photo credit: ex.libris)

I’m approaching two weeks into my new herbal drug treatment for my insomnia, and the results continue to be great. I’ve got over the sleeping for ten hours a night phase, and now I wake up with the birds. If things continue to improve I’ll soon be getting up with them for a bit of a sing-song and a jog around the block! It’s not just my sleep that’s improved, my mood has too. Emotionally, I’ve stopped feeling like I’m on a ship in rough seas. The wind has dropped, the sun has come out, and it’s time to live a little.

However, I have noticed one potential drawback of my new treatment. After various experiments, I’m coming to the conclusion that it doesn’t work with alcohol. It seems that if I have a drink and take the pills, I’m back to square one. Nightmare – literally! Until now, alcohol has been the only thing I’ve found to help me to sleep. I’d kind of hoped that if I combined them, the effect would be doubled. But no. Now I have to choose between them. Bummer.

I’ve also found a few other little tricks that might help someone. First, I’ve learned that being too hot stops you sleeping. It seems the body has to cool down to a certain temperature before the sleep switch is tripped. So keeping the bedroom cool/cold and taking that extra blanket off the bed might help.

The second tip is great and works a treat. If your problem is that you can’t get to sleep (rather than waking up when you are asleep) trying opening your eyes. Don’t switch the light on or get up or anything, just open your eyes and look at the dark. You’ll find the after a few minutes it becomes impossible to keep them open. When you can’t bear it any longer, let them close, and say hello to the land of nod.

Finally, there’s an acupuncture point that supposed to help you sleep. It hasn’t worked for me, but it might work for someone else. It’s conveniently located in your wrist, on the little finger side. You’re looking for the depression between the bone under the little finger and the first tendon. If you can feel a pulse you’ve found it. Feel free to hunt around a bit until you find the spot that seems right. Press it gently with a few fingers. The idea is that it’s over excited and needs calming down so don’t apply too much pressure. There’s a picture of where it is here.

Sweet dreams 🙂


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