How Big Are Your Kidneys?

A blood test and examination - NARA - 513715

Still on the medical theme of yesterday, when I went to see my gynecologist (I love saying ‘my’ gynecologist, it makes me sound all middle-class and important, as if I have one all to myself), she wanted to run a blood test to rule out the possibility that my symptoms might be due to thyroid malfunction rather than simple old age.

I picked up the results yesterday. One of the wonders of the French medical system is that you get your own copy of all your test results whatever they may be. I’m building a neat little collection of mammographies and pelvic scans as well as a comprehensive history of blood tests. I find it utterly fascinating (is there anything more interesting than your own body?) Each time I get a new result I read it in detail and look up anything I don’t understand on the wonderweb.

Consequently, you will be interested to hear that my left kidney (at 9.7cm) is smaller than my right which measures 10cm, and they are both smaller than the average of 12cm. Despite their small size, they’re both in good shape.My right ovary measures 16x10mm and has a transparent follicle on its surface, My left ovary is bigger, at 23x13mm and is fibrous. Nothing to worry about. But I’m most proud of my blood test results. I have records going back to 2008 now, and year on year, my cholesterol levels have improved. My ‘bad’ cholesterol level has reduced, and my ‘good’ cholesterol level has gone up. I’ve no idea how I’ve achieved this, although Chewy’s theory is that I’m eating less croissants. Oh, and yes, my thyroid is fine 🙂


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