A Cure for the Menopause

Homeopathic remedy Rhus toxicodendron, derived...Long-term readers will remember my ongoing sleep problems. For more than a year now a good night’s sleep has been a rare treat. First, I can’t get to sleep. I lie in bed looking at the ceiling while my head whirrs round and round going over what happened during the day and plans what might happen tomorrow. Then, when I do eventually fall asleep, my sleep is broken and I dream constantly. At least, on a good night I dream. More often than not I have terrifying nightmares. Waking up in the morning is a relief after the turmoil of the night. Put this together with being unusually hot in bed (not to mention the mood swings and irritability) and I reckon these are some first signs of the menopause.

Last week I went to see my gynecologist about something else and I told her about my symptoms. She listened, asked some specific questions and prescribed me something I’ve never tried before… a homoeopathic remedy. Three different plant extracts to be taken daily. That was a week ago and guess what? It seems to be working. I’ve been sleeping 12 blissful hours per night (catching up I guess). I fall asleep straight away, and I stay asleep. I still have dreams but they’re not disturbing and I can’t remember them in the morning.  I’m also less irritable – no doubt due in part to being less tired. How great is that!

So there you are ladies. If you’re suffering from pre-menopausal symptoms like mine, get yourself down to your local homeopath and start munching those plants 🙂

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