Goodbye Auntie Eva

Monday was my auntie Eva’s funeral. The last time I saw so many people at a funeral Princess Diana had died. There was standing room only, not everyone made it in and we could have done with a big screen for those left outside. Although none of us are religious at all, it was oddly comforting to go through the motions of the service. That said, the vicary-person talked too much about Jesus and not enough about my auntie Eva (why Jesus? She never even met him). There was also an odd moment where he said something like ‘but now she can rest in peace’. If she’d been sick for months it would have made sense, but frankly she was already in peace up to the moment she died. Not that anything he said mattered that much because we could hardly hear him above the noise of people crying.

Even when I saw the coffin it was hard to believe the unbelievable. My cousins are coping better than I expected, but my uncle, who’s lost his  wife of 40+ happy years is an empty shell. I don’t know how to pray, but I’m sending him all the strength I can muster up.

At the beginning, they played Abide by Me  which is enough to make even the most cheerful feel a little under the weather. However, things perked up as we went along. They played this at the end, which is much more my auntie’s style. I’m still expecting her to pop out from behind the curtains and get the dancing going.

Auntie Eva would have loved it

And finally, as we’re talking about death, this man tried so hard to die, he won a Darwin award for his efforts…


2 thoughts on “Goodbye Auntie Eva

    • I thought about it – it would be fun to meet one day 🙂 but in the end it was a full-on week of work (lucky me being able to keep working wherever I go). If I’d known I was going to be so busy I probably wouldn’t have gone at all but the tickets were booked ages ago. Next time!

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