Auntie Eva


Today was jogging along as usual, busy busy busy. It was late in the afternoon and I was in the middle of peeling apples to make an apple crumble when the phone rang. It was my dad. This is never a good sign. He only ever calls me at weekends unless there is some kind of emergency. There is some kind of emergency. My auntie Eva (his sister) had a brain haemorrhage today. Right now she’s in hospital, heavily sedated, and not expected to make it. She’s 15 years younger than my dad, and 15 years older than me. After my parents, she’s probably the family member I’m closest to. She used to tell people she was my older sister.

I doubt very much that when she got up this morning she imagined she might not have much time left. I doubt she called her two daughters and multiple grandkids to tell them she loved them. I doubt she gave my uncle a special kiss before she left to do the shopping. I doubt she even did the washing up, thinking she could do it when she got back. I could say all the usual things about how we never know when our time (or our loved ones time) might be up. When it happens, it’s too sad.

Hang  in there auntie Eva. It’s not over til the fat lady sings. We’re all with you and we all love you.


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