Isn’t this what astrology is for?

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Last Monday morning, all was calm (apart from having no water or fuel). I was planning to spend the week working on the logo for the business and some marketing material. By the end of the day all hell had let loose, and the rest of the week turned into an exhausting effort to keep up with myself.

On Monday evening, two big pieces of work arrived with an hour of each other, both with the same deadline. Then, the three-times-a-week fitness bootcamp turned in a four-times-a-week affair, which not only meant that I was even more tired than usual, but also that there were fewer available hours in the day to meet the already unrealistic deadlines. By yesterday evening the worst was over, but I’d been pushed well beyond both my mental and physical comfort zones and I was an irritable, emotional, exhausted mess.

None of the horoscopes that I read last weekend mentioned this. Not one astrologer noticed that all hell was about to break loose or thought to offer the advice that I should conserve my energy in preparation for a demanding week. No-one alerted to me the tests that lay ahead. It is, to say the least, a little disappointing. Isn’t this what astrology is for?


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