Oscar nominations 2012

You heard it here first. This year’s Oscar nominations have just come out. Cutting to the chase, there are nine films nominated for Best Picture. These ones:

  1. “The Artist”
  2. “The Descendants”
  3. “Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close”
  4. “The Help”
  5. “Hugo”
  6. “Midnight in Paris”
  7. “Moneyball”
  8. “The Tree of Life”
  9. “War Horse”

Of these, I’ve seen six (I’m missing Moneyball, Hugo and Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close).

Of the six I have seen, they’re a pretty mediocre collection. Don’t bother to see War Horse, The Tree of Life or The Artist. Midnight in Paris is nice for a lightweight, romantic night out, The Descendants is a harmless first date movie, and The Help would by my pick for a film that offers a bit more than mindless entertainment (but it’s still not up to Best Picture standard).

Review of The Artist and the rest to follow soon!


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