More film reviews

But first, an update. It’s the end of Week 2 of Fitness Bootcamp, and, like last week, I’m knackered. Not only is the entire top half of my body aching (last week it was my whole body, so I guess that’s progress) but I’m really, really weary. If I’ve lost any weight it’s not showing and it seems unlikely I would given the vast amount of food I’ve been knocking back. Our grocery bill has increased by 50%! The only change I can really see is better muscle definition – I’m starting to look more like Popeye than Olive Oyl. There’s four more weeks to go. It can only get better.

War Horse

I was hoping to review the Spielberg film War Horse today (the one that made Kate Middleton cry) and I will, but only the first half. I watched the first hour and then took a break. I thought I’d eventually get round to seeing the rest, but that’s looking less and less likely, so before I forget, I’ll cover the bits I have seen.

Lassie (1954 TV series)

The first half is a cross between Black Beauty and a feature-length episode of Lassie. Think all the schmaltzy, syrupy-sweet, twee, superficial nonsense you’ve even seen, add a symphony orchestra soundtrack, a cute child, an even cuter animal and you’ve got the idea. The only surprise was that Louis Armstrong wasn’t strolling along against a background of the setting sun  gently piping What a Wonderful World on a hand-made harmonica. I’m sure he would have turned up if he’d still been alive.

I quit just as it was all starting to go wrong. I could tell by the soundtrack. The horse had met the war and the music had switched from Barry Manilow to impending doom. I don’t know for sure what happened next, but my bet is that something bad happened to the owner. He probably almost died, but was rescued through the heroic actions of the horse. But this can’t be the end, as then the film would only be 90 minutes long, and it’s more than two hours. So then something bad must have happened to the horse, which was probably rescued in turn by the owner. I haven’t decided if the horse died or not in the end. I think it might have as it’s rated PG-13 and seeing a horse die can be terribly upsetting for youngsters (and members of the Royal family).

The Descendants

English: George Clooney at the 2009 Venice Fil...

The one-line review for people in a hurry. This is just another George Clooney film.

Remember Up In the Air? Not a bad film. Not bad at all. Beautifully shot, engaging characters (George being the flawed-but-loveable male lead), and a slow, but meaningful plot with a slight moral twist. Well, shift the whole thing to Hawaii (I can think of worse places to shoot a feature film) and make a sequel. Now, several years on, George’s good-looking, materialistic, type-A, work-driven character is married and has a family. When his wife ends up in a coma following a boating accident, he’s faced with looking after his two daughters by himself and rebuilding their family.

It is worth a watch. There are some good lines, some touching moments, but ultimately, just like Up In the Air, it’s all about George.


2 thoughts on “More film reviews

  1. The bootcamp is self-inflicted, but not at home. I’m paying someone to put me through this!! But that’s the point. I’m not motivated/stupid/brave enough to do this to myself. We’re a group of around 20 ladies, meeting three times a week and being put through our paces by the lovely Paddy – for six weeks.

    I’d love to do a situp for you, but right now even lying down in bed is exhausting 🙂

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