A Song a Day – Day 364

One day to go. Tomorrow is the end. How strange. It doesn’t feel like a natural ending point, and I probably will continue daily blogging at least for a while (although it would be nice to know what it’s like not to blog for a day)!

I just read something I wrote at the beginning of the year about what I wanted to happen in 2011, and I remember now why I started this  blog. It all seems so long ago, in a very distant past. I’m not sure I’ve achieved what I set out to do at the beginning of the year; I think it’s summed up by ‘uneven progress’.

Pyrenees France

Our new home

The past: 2011

Work-wise, I’ve at times, settled into a productive routine. January-June was good. Summer was awful – an endless wasteland of empty time and no motivation. In the autumn I somehow managed to pick myself up and things started to move again. Now although things are still desperately slow, I’m gaining in confidence and it feels more like I’m  directing the ship rather than being swept along by the tides.

Personally, the biggest single improvement was finding my French conversation class. At last I’m starting to speak the lingo not just with competence, but much more importantly, with confidence. This is by far the single most important factor that has, and will, improve my life and I’m more determined than ever to master it. On the downside, my friend C left, putting me back at square one, with zero friends again.  My efforts to make new friends have gone nowhere. No surprise, this has been the story of the past five years. But it turns out that it doesn’t really matter as – yippee – we’re leaving.

The seeds of the future were sown back in April when I went on holiday to the south-west of France. In September I went back with Chewy, and the seeds sprouted. Little by little we started to talk seriously about moving over there. Various things started to come together, and just before Christmas some significant potential obstacles were cleared out the way. Now, it’s definitely going to happen.

The future: 2012

I am very much looking forward to next year. 2012 begins with house-hunting and six weeks of fitness boot camp (honest!!). I’m really looking forward to both. The exact moving date is to be decided, but I’m expecting it to be the end of February. The move means we can finally leave behind the shack we currently live in that I hate so much. There will be new people to meet in an area known for its friendliness. Who knows, I might even look for a job again.  Even if I stick with the freelancing business, there are a heck of a lot of potential clients in the area just waiting for a good translator to ride into town 🙂

So, my  resolutions for 2012 are: to settle down in a lovely house, make some good friends, get the business on a stable financial footing, worry less and enjoy life more!

Song of the day

2011 was the year I discovered Adele. Like millions of others, I can’t get enough of her music. It’s hard to choose just one of her tunes, but I’ll go with the first one I started to listen to, Chasing Pavements.


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