A Song a Day – Day 362

Complete change of plan. I was going to play another one of the year’s favourites but instead I’m going to play a tune a heard yesterday in a shop.

The other day I watched a documentary about Princess Diana. It was very interesting to see her life again with the perspective that time gives. Looking back, I think I, at least, underestimated her depth, grit and determination. It was also alarming to see the parallels between her and Catherine Middleton. They were both healthy, normal-sized woman before they married, and became stick thin once married. Here’s hoping Catherine’s fairytale marriage has a different ending.

However, the bit that struck me the most was in the interview she gave to Panorama where she talked about how isolated she became once married, and how that almost destroyed her. After that, I watched my first-ever episode of Gavin and Stacey. It turned out that Stacey was in a similar predicament to Princess Diana. She’d just married Gavin and gone to live with him and his family miles away from home. She was desperately bored and lonely. They both ended up leaving! I guess I’m seeing parallels in my own situation where I’ve gone to live miles away from home and I don’t have the support of friends and family. Each time I come back to Newcastle life is so easy, and the temptation to just stay here creeps up on me all over again.

Anyway, today’s tune is Billy Joel and She’s Always a Woman. I’ve heard this hundreds of times before, but this time the lyrics really struck home.


2 thoughts on “A Song a Day – Day 362

  1. oh yes…a lovely tune…..I understand your feeling of being away from home and family, but you are following your own path and being true to your heart and sometimes it is a lonely path, but then life is sometimes a lonely business….if you cut up the word ‘alone’…it is in fact ‘all one’…and our quest must be to be first and foremost at one with ourselves….then everything else will make sense…….that can be a lifetime task …but a rewarding journey none the less…
    on another note…what do you think about this idea of having a bucket list for 2012?
    keep on keeping on! x

    • Hi G, thanks for the moral support. I like ‘life is sometimes a lonely business’, it chimes with what I was thinking myself the other day. We’re born alone, we die alone and sometimes in the middle we’re alone again!

      Tell me more about the bucket list idea – what’s it all about?

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