A Song a Day – Day 361

I’m recovered from my irritation of yesterday. The only good thing about my parents pissing me off is when they realised what had happened, they formed a harmonious united front against me. This means that the endless bickering of the past few days stopped for a while. I’m tempted to prolong my huff for a bit longer.

One of the things I was really looking forward to this Christmas was catching up on a bit of telly. On the upside, I now know what Downton Abbey is. Everything else is on the downside. The schedules seem to have been dominated by Morecambe & Wise. Either re-runs of their own shows or programmes about them. The films have been ancient. I’ve seen episodes of CSI that even I’ve seen before, and I’ve realised that you only need to see one episode of a soap per year to keep up to date. My favourite programme ever, Supernanny, seems to have disappeared from the schedules to be replaced by ‘Ironing Solutions Pick of the Day’. Sign of the times eh?

Same goes for the sales. As there was nothing on telly, I had a quick jog around the shops yesterday. Most of the clothes stores seem to have emptied out their back rooms and heaped everything they could find onto a few racks strewn randomly around. By the time I arrived, there was as much on the floor as anywhere else.  I’ve seen better organised jumble sales.

Hmm. Less than two weeks to go now. I think I’m going to be spending some time clearing out my dad’s shed.

Song of the day

This is another tune from January. Looking back, I think I’d posted most of my favourite tunes by the end of April. After that it was the B-listers. This is definitely an A-list tune.


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