A Song a Day – Day 360

Wow, six days to go and it’s all over. Bye bye 2011 and bye bye postaday, well in it’s current form anyway.

My horoscope is spot-on today:

You might sense an unpleasant wave of energy way out on the horizon of your awareness, making it difficult to enjoy the day. Although intense emotions continue to build throughout the day, it’s not wise to push them away. Avoiding uncomfortable feelings isn’t smart because they’ll just gain strength if you do. Instead, express what’s in your heart, even if it isn’t what others want to hear.

I’ve been getting more and more irritated as the day has gone on. After all this time looking forward to it, Christmas has been a damp squib. It’s the last time this happens. Next year it’s Christmas on my terms and my turf. I’m fed up with having to fit in with everybody else’s habits, wishes and routines. No more.

Anyway. Enough moaning. This week I’m planning to pick out six of the highlights of this musical year. I have the last three days decided. I’m not sure about these first three. I think I’m going to go with George Michael to start with. This one figured early on in the blog (14 th January to be exact), and I was singing this again this afternoon as I was walking around our local lake. It’s still such a gorgeous song.


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