A (Christmas) Song a Day – Day 358

Last winter. The white stuff on the ground is snow.

Finally made it to the frozen north. It’s three years since I’ve been here in winter and the first thing that struck me was how early it gets dark (4pm) and then how late it gets light again (9am). Next thing is how few public Christmas decorations there are this year. This is Good. I prefer to see the money going to old folk and the poor rather than baubly lights strung across the main shopping street.  Next thing was how many people there were out at 9am doing exercise. Loads and loads of cyclists and joggers. It was freezing. It wasn’t fully light. How tough are they! Very tough of course.

On my way back from the bus stop I walked along behind a man dressed in a t-shirt and flip flops. At least he was wearing jeans. I was already feeling overdressed for the climate when I spotted the woman in the newsagents dressed in a spaghetti-strap top that wouldn’t have been out of place on the beach in mid-summer – but at least she was wearing fluffy boots.

I’m home. I hope you are too, and Happy Christmas everyone 🙂

Song of the day

If you don’t know Achmed the Dead Terrorist (and you’re not easily offended) look him up on YouTube. Here’s a taster.


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