A Song a Day – Day 309

Main health effects of sleep deprivation (See ...

Ugh. It’s proper late autumn here. Wild, windy and very, very wet. Last night we were kept awake by a thunderstorm and this morning the drainage ditch by the side of the road had turned into a raging torrent. Everything in the house is damp and it’s too warm to light the fire to dry it out. I’ve had a headache for the past three days, next doors’ dog has been barking for 48 hours and lack of sleep isn’t helping.

The weekly supermarket shop was a bit of a flop. It looked like war had been declared and the panic buyers had just left. The shelves were empty. Not to worry, no war, just delivery problems due to the G20 summit! I picked up a bottle of milk and the last head of broccoli and somehow it turned into dinner.

Winter. Doncha just love it.

Song of the day

Can’t remember for the life of me why, but me and Chewy were singing this in bed this morning.


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