A Song a Day – Day 308

A calendar showing the leap year day.

Yesterday I was trying to calculate how many working days there are in a year. The plan was to multiply 52 x 7, then subtract 52 x 2.

I didn’t get very far. You see, 52 x 7 = 364. Which isn’t the number of days in any year, not even a leap year. So that means there aren’t 52 weeks in a year, there has to be 53. Which got me thinking about how crazy the whole year system thing is anyway. Who decided that the year should begin on 1st January? It’s just some random date. It might as well be 3rd June or 16th September. And who picked the mad 12 month scheme? They’re not even all the same size. And I won’t even mention the leap year nonsense.

I think I can do better.

A year should begin on the shortest day – on or around 21st December. And it should run for 365 and a quarter days.  At the end of the year, the clocks should be put back six hours so that all the years are the same length and everyone has a birthday every year.  365 is an inconvenient number for making months. You’d have to have 5 months of 73 days or 73 months of 5 days, so I recommend we abolish months, and simply number the days starting at one. You could use the 73 x 5 system for weeks however. There would be 73 weeks, each of 5 days, although I’m not too sure how weekends fit in.

Hmm. I’ll have to think about this a bit more.

Song of the day

I heard this for the first time on the radio last night. Sometimes a song jumps out from the background noise, like this one. Lana del Ray with Video Games.



2 thoughts on “A Song a Day – Day 308

  1. In my head I would have thought…5 working days a week …5 is half of 10…so multipy 52(weeks) by 10=520….and then divide by 2 +270…… then take 4 weeks off for holiday …that’s 20 days
    leave you with about 250 working days

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