La Toussaint

Chrysanthemums are only appropriate for funerals.

This is really, really cheesy and I apologise in advance.

Despite claiming not to be a Catholic country, every day is a saint’s day here in France. My birthday is St. Crépin’s day (the patron saint of shoemakers) , and tomorrow will be St. Hubert’s day (patron of hunters, mathematicians, opticians and metalworkers).

However today and yesterday aren’t dedicated to any particular saint. Together they’re known as La Toussaint and are the days set aside for all the other saints who don’t have their own days. Yesterday was a public holiday and people typically go to the cemetery to place chrysanthemums on the graves of their loved ones. It’s not the best time to have a birthday or hold a dinner party as people will find it very difficult to buy you flowers. And whatever the time of year, don’t ever give a French person chrysanthemums as a gift!

Song of the day – Les Toussaints

Which brings us neatly to the song of the day, the All Saints of course! Sorry, I but did warn you it would be cheesy. I heard it yesterday and it’s still a lovely little singalong.


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