A Song a Day – Day 305

A long time ago, when I used to live in London, my best friend’s mother died. I’d been renting a room in their house and I watched as Claire slowly and painfully deteriorated, and eventually passed away. It hit me pretty hard. On the day of the funeral I needed somewhere to go to reflect and be quiet, so I headed for St. Paul’s Cathedral. I still vividly remember the total shock of being told I would have to pay to get in. That was back in the mid-1990’s and ever since then I’ve never thought of St. Paul’s as a church. The sooner it is deconsecrated and turned into the museum it is, the better.

When £1.27 billion profit just isn’t enough

I saw in the news that Barclay’s bank has increased its pre-tax profits for the three months to 30th September 2011 to £1.34bn. The increase is due to cost-cutting measures which were brought in following the apparently disastrous £1.27bn profit they made in the same period last year. Its quarterly (that’s just three months) revenues were £7 billion. We just hit 7 billion people on the planet. I’ll leave you to do the maths.

Parlez-vous français ?

Otherwise, I’ve had a great day. Chewie has been helping me finish off my French website for the translation business. It’s looking good, and closer to nearly-there than ever before. It was fun working together (that doesn’t always happen), and I learned a lot more French. I’ve decided to go ahead with my in-betweeny third blog (where work meets life) and bagged a decent name. More details to follow.

Song of the day

I woke up with this going round my head. Lordy knows why. Now it can go round your head too!


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