A Song a Day – Day 303

It’s day 6 of my birthweek, and it was celebrated this morning not only by the clocks going back (an extra hour of bedbliss), but with Chewy cooking banana and nutella crêpes for breakfast. Yum yum!

Last night (day 5 of my birthweek) he cooked his speciality, galettes which were also yummy. Galettes, for the uninitiated, have a lot in common with crêpes (pancakes). They are both made in the same way, from the same flour/egg/milk batter. The differences are that a traditional galette is made from farine de sarrasin (brown, buckwheat flour) rather than your regular white flour, which gives them a different colour and taste. While crêpes are usually sweet and eaten as a snack, galettes tend (in my experience anyway) to be savoury, typically filled with ham, cheese and often an egg. They’re much more substantial than a crêpe, and can be eaten as a lunch dish on their own. They originate in the north of France, where they grow apples, not grapes, and are  therefore classically accompanied by a mug of cider rather than a glass of wine.

Song of the day

This one’s with thanks to Gitika who posted this quote from Robert Smith from the Cure. I like it so much, I’m reposting it here:  ” I objected to being born, and I refuse to impose life on someone else. Living, it’s awful for me. I can’t on one hand argue the futility of life and the pointlessness of existence and have a family.”


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