A Song a Day – Day 302

Now that the finish line is in sight for the postaday2011 project, I’m thinking (again) about where I want to go next. I’ve had enough of songs. There definitely won’t be a Song a Day – Day 436. It worked well as a hook to get me started, but it’s getting a bit old now.

I do want to keep daily blogging, but I’m not sure I want to keep it up as general blog. I’m thinking that if next year WordPress does a postaday2012 challenge, I might instead go for the weekly option. I’m very tempted to call it the COW – Complaint of the Week. I love complaining, and I don’t do it anywhere near enough. And there are so many things to complain about. Endless content.

I’ve also been considering a couple of other ideas. Earlier in the year I was thinking about doing an anonymous blog where I’d divulge my innermost thoughts and feelings and share all the misery I was going through. That’s becoming less appealing. Things have changed, and now I’m not sure I’d have enough content :-). I should re-start my translation/editing blog, which has been neglected for most of the year. But at the moment a more interesting project is a behind-the-scenes of the business blog, where I could record the story of starting my business, including things like why I’m finding it so hard to re-start the translation/editing blog!

There’s still plenty of time to decide. Meanwhile, back to the music.

Song of the day

I’m in a bit of a Johnny Cash groove at the moment. We re-watched the film The Mission last night (1986, Robert de Niro, Jeremy Irons). Proof if ever it was needed that given half a chance, God (or his representatives on earth) will cut you down.


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