A Song a Day – Day 298

Och man, like the White Rabbit in Alice in Wonderland “I’m late! I’m late again!”.

It’s been a busy day translating a paper about space probes. How cool is that! Times like this, I love my job. Plus, tomorrow is my birthday, so feel free to send me presents (cash donations preferred, details supplied on request).

A funny thing happened yesterday. Chewy was picking me up from the airport, but as he is wont to, for reasons best known to himself, didn’t want to pick me up from the designated pick-up area. So we agreed to meet on the roundabout next to the created-for-the-purpose pick-up area. After a few minutes he duly turned up, followed by… a police car.

He circled the roundabout, expecting that the police car would exit and he would be able to stop. It didn’t. He went round again… so did the police car. I should mention here that this was a pretty small roundabout, not more than five metres across. He went round again… and again… and again.. and a few more agains but couldn’t shake off his trusty pursuer. Standing by the road watching this pantomime unfold, I was in fits of laughter. Chewy eventually gave himself up, stopped and I jumped in. The police car waited behind him, followed us to the next roundabout, then thankfully went on its way. I can confirm that no arrests were made.

I suspect that next time I’m at the airport we won’t have the discussion about where he should pick me up.

Song of the day

Another repeat performance I’m afraid (I have been going for 298 days after all). This one featured on Day 85 but I heard it again today and was reminded what a great song it is, and what a great singer Paolo is. I remember reading at the beginning of the year something written by Jonathan Cainer. He’d been to Jules Holland’s New Year party (as you do I guess when you’re rich and famous) and he’d met a young lad sitting by himself at the bar who introduced himself as Paolo. At the time he just found him to be a down-to-earth good company. It was only later he found out which Paolo he was.

Here’s Paolo (again), this time at Glastonbury. Not bad for a kid who grew up in a Glasgow fish shop.


2 thoughts on “A Song a Day – Day 298

  1. Happy birthday for tomorrow
    A fine time to have a birthday – It’s my brother in law’s birthday today who is staying with us and Mr. P is a Scorpio too ( I have moon in scorpio opposite my sun)
    have a lovely day!
    x x x

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