A Song a Day – Day 296

I lost an hour of my life this morning, and I still cannot explain where it went.

The alarm on my phone went off at 8am. I know it was 8am because I’d set a daily alarm and on the previous two days it had woken me up at 8am. I dozed a little bit more then switched the computer on about 8.30. I know it was 8.30 because the little clock on my computer said so. I had time to kill because I wasn’t planning on leaving for the airport until about 10am. I figured around 9am I’d go for breakfast at the little cafe across the road and take my time sorting myself out. After half an hour or so of browsing the web, checking email etc, I happened to notice that the time on my clock now said – not 8.50am as it should have – but 9.50am. It was ten to ten, and time for me to be ready to leave!!!!! How the heck did that happen? How did the clock flip from ten to nine to ten to ten just like that? Did I fall asleep? Did I have a mini-blackout? Was I so absorbed in reading about Colonel Gaddafi’s death that I just lost track of time? I have no idea where the missing hour went. I even wondered if Barcelona had been in a different time zone to France all along, and I just hadn’t noticed. There must be an explanation, but until I have one, it’s all very disturbing.

Song of the day

Cue cheesy song about time! Cyndie Lauper with Time After Time.


2 thoughts on “A Song a Day – Day 296

  1. Nice song for the day – thank you. She performed on stage with Prince fairly recently, didn’t she? And wasn’t there a song of his that she covered?

    • Don’t know about the stage performance, but she did cover the Price song ‘When You Were Mine’, in 1985 methinks. Prince is another favourite of mine. Hmm. This makes me think I haven’t posted enough of his tunes. Watch this space!

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