A Song a Day – Day 291

I’ve been following the OWS and related protests, and my only surprise is that it’s taken so long for it to happen. Since the whole banking crisis thing began, I’ve been amazed that taxpayers haven’t been up in arms about being asked to finance the bailout of private companies. If it had been a supermarket crisis would people have shrugged their shoulders and gone ‘oh well’, while local services were cut and their neighbours lost their jobs in order that Tescos or Sainsbury, or god forbid Waitrose didn’t go bankrupt? Bank are just private businesses like any other private business and they should be allowed to go bankrupt like any other badly run private business. Not all the banks were affected and we don’t need them all.

And why did they get into problems in the first place? Because they were greedy. Because there is no such thing as ‘enough’ in the capitalist world. If you’re making one million dollars profit, then next year you should aim to make two million dollars profit. And then three. Because you can never have too much profit.

I’ve worked for all types of organisation in my life, from government to academia; from a tiny start-up, to most recently a large multi-national corporation. And it was there that I realised that the sole goal of the company was not to make money, but to make more money. Not for the benefit of the company, or its employees or for any kind of wider social goals. Nope, they were in it to make more money for the shareholders. It wasn’t as if they were struggling to turn a profit. They were creaming it in. And we, the employees, were having the lives squeezed out of us not so that they could break even, but so that they could turn an even more gigantic profit than they had the year before.  Why the hell do they need so much, and where does it all go?  Capitalism is fast becoming a synonym for greed and I  have had enough of it.

Song of the day

Anyone else remember Citizen Smith? Power to the people!


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