A Song a Day – Day 290

Oh boy. Too tired again. Last night was another rollercoaster ride. I was dreaming I was in the middle of sorting out the civil war in Lebanon, at the same time as taking my A-level maths exam. People were following me around everywhere and I was sick of it. I woke up already tired.

Today was a sad day. It’s the day my old Golf  went to the great car park in the sky. I was surprised to find myself  getting emotional as I said goodbye. We had some good times together. The car was my last big link with the UK. I drove all the way down from Newcastle to here with all my stuff. I’m stuck here now! I won’t be able to drive her back. Here’s hoping the Polo turns into an equally loved vehicle.

Song of the day

Maybe if I listen to this enough, I will go to sleep tonight…

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