A Song a Day – Day 284

There’s a first time for everything, and yesterday was the first time my car has ever run out of petrol. To add insult to injury I was on my way to the petrol station and only about ten metres away from it. If I hadn’t been on the wrong side of a busy roundabout I would have been able to (get someone to) push the car to the pump!

The new car

So yesterday after finishing up some work, I thought I’d take the new car out to fill her up and have a little spin so we could get more used to each other. I’ve already discovered one particularity with the ignition. You have to push the key in just a fraction more than you would think, before you turn it, otherwise nothing happens. And off we set to the petrol station which is about a kilometre from the house. Just as I was pulling onto the roundabout in front of the petrol station I stalled. No worries now I know the little ignition trick. Except the darned thing wouldn’t start again. All hell lets loose around me as my fellow road-users’ world comes to an end. Eventually a lorry driver gave me a push and I was able to ‘park’ on the side on the roundabout. Fast forward an hour (during which I managed to lock myself into the house and had to escape by climbing out of the window – it never rains but it pours) and I was back at the car with a jerry can. Along the way I learned something. It’s surprising difficult both to fill a jerry can from the pump and to empty it into your fuel tank without dousing yourself with petrol. Anyway that did the trick and I’m back on the road although the fuel gauge is now under careful supervision.

Song of the day

Today’s tune is Del Amitri with Nothing Ever Happens. It’s hard to imagine it’s more than 20 years since this was released and it’s still a powerful tune. Depressing, but listening to the lyrics, nothing much has happened.


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