Chewy and me were talking yesterday about our school days, and it had never really occurred to me what a godsend school uniform is. At his (French) school, there was no school uniform, which led to intense competition between the kids in the fashion stakes. There were the ‘right’ shoes (Churches!), the ‘right’ jeans (Levis 501, nothing else), the ‘right’ jacket (a James Dean style leather affair), the ‘right’ cigarettes (Marlboro of course), the ‘right’ lighter (the Zippo) and the ‘right’ sunglasses. Not the mention the ‘right’ moped, resprayed in the ‘right’ colour with the matching helmet! If you didn’t have all this, then you had no chance of being in with the in crowd.

When all the kids are wearing the same uniform, the fashion choices become severely restricted. All I can remember from my own school days is that the girls wanted to have a skirt that was as tight as possible (even shortness wasn’t an issue) and the boys had bags painted with an album cover from their favourite band. Smoking wasn’t anywhere near so cool as getting into the local pub. And if you’d passing your driving licence you were without doubt, at the top of the heap.

Song of the day

I haven’t heard this for years, and we had a bit of a boogy to this in the kitchen yesterday. The version we heard was by Depeche Mode, but this one by Marilyn Manson has a bit more of an edge to what is already a spooky song. It is Personal Jesus by Marilyn Manson.


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