A right hand drive car in a left hand drive system

Today’s good news is that I now have a new car. Today’s bad news is that I’ve already broken it!

Me and old faithful

I am now the proud owner of a green, left hand drive VW Polo. It currently lacks a right hand side wing mirror, but that’s all my own fault. This means the days are numbered for my red, right hand drive Golf. I really like the new car, but it’s going to take me months to stop trying to get in from the passenger side. While I guess it’s good not to have to get out  at tollbooths and multi-storey car parks any more (although even that prompted many random acts of kindness), there were several advantages to driving a right hand drive car in a left hand drive system.

First up, you can park in places left hand drive cars can’t. Alongside passenger-side walls and hedges for example. Second up, you can just wind down your window and ask directions from passers-by without having to shout across from the other side of the car. It also puts you side-by-side with drivers merging from the right, so you can easily signal to them if you want to let them in – or not! But the one I appreciate the most is when I see motorcyclists hurtling down the middle of the road in their mission to overtake every other car on the road before they reach home. Each time I see this, I reflect upon the fact that should they misjudge the space between us, they will end up plunging through my windscreen and into the empty passenger seat beside me while I look on in amazement.  Now, unfortunately, both of us might end up hurt.

Song of the day

Apologies for the lack of imagination, but what else could today’s tune be? It’s Madness, of course, with Driving in My Car.


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