Death Star Canteen

On Friday night we unexpectedly ended up going to watch a French standup comedian. I was pleasantly surprised to find I could understand a good 50% of what was said. The political references had me a bit lost, but I didn’t do too badly at all. It turns out French comedy takes its inspiration from pretty much the same sources as British comedy. Politicians, the police, current affairs etc. Yesterday we watched a DVD of Billy Connolly’s 2010 show in London. Compared to the Frenchman there was much less politics and much more cursing. But my word, Billy (age 68) is looking old these days and he’s slowed down a lot.

So today’s post, in honour of the world’s standup comedians,  isn’t a song, it’s a sketch. It’s Eddie Izzard’s account of the Death Star canteen. Apparently Eddie also does in show in French (and German). I’d like to see that 🙂


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