A Song a Day – Day 271

Mr DV is away and I’ve been spending my time staying up late and watching movies 🙂

The Trip

If you asked me who Steve Coogan was I’d have said he was the Australian David Attenborough guy who died when he got stung by a stingray. Turns out that was Steve Irwin. I know this now because I watched The Trip (201o) last night.  On the other hand I do recognise Rob Brydon from Marion and Geoff. After watching The Trip, I’d say I’m not missing much by not knowing who Steve Coogan is. And I pity poor Mrs Brydon who has to live with Mr Brydon and a whole host of other characters who pop up from time to time. They were heading for ‘the north’ and I was hoping to see some scenic shots of the north-east. Unfortunately, as so often happens,  the north ends at the Lake District. Too bad.


I also watched Hesher (2010) last night. Hesher picks up where Bad Santa (2003) left off. After their unexpected meeting, Hesher moves himself unasked into ten year-old TJ’s house where he lives with his dad and grandma. TJ’s mother has just died, and they’re all (including Hesher himself) struggling to cope with life. And so the story goes how this oddball set of people unintentionally help to make things a little bit better for each other.

Bringing Ashley Home

Bringing Ashley Home (2011) is about what happens when adults go missing. Libba’s twenty-something year-old sister Ashley walks out from the rehab unit she is in, and vanishes. As Ashley is an adult, Libba finds little help from the police and has to set about finding her sister herself. It’s a moving tale, all the more so as it is based on a true story.

The Lawn Boy

The twist in this romcom is that she is a rich white girl and he is the guy who cuts her lawn. It would be very easy to get it wrong and turn this into a cringeworthy patronising tale that tries to debunk stereotypes in simplistic fashion. And ten minutes in, that’s what I thought I was going to get. However, stick with it. The Lawn Boy (2008) is cleverer than that, and very, very funny. The ending turns out to be a bit of a cliché, but heck, what else is going to happen in a romcom?

Song of the Day

I’ve played this one before, but seeing as summer seems very reluctant to leave us and I’ve had it running through my head for the past few days, I’ll play it again. For a second time, Don Henley, with Boys of Summer.


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