Camping in the French mountains

Wow. We’re just back from the weekend camping. It didn’t quite go to plan, but it was great anyway! We ended up going to the same place we went to last year, and then our bits just about froze off. We were very well prepared this year, but didn’t need it – it was at least ten degrees warmer!

In other news, I shook hands on a new car on Saturday. If all goes to plan I should have it by next weekend. It’s a big relief. I’ve got less than a month on my current MOT and last time the MOT man said if it was his car he wouldn’t drive it because the chassis is so rusted it could snap on a big enough pothole. I’ve been looking for a new one for a while now and I’m getting bored with the whole thing.

And finally I’ve developed a right knee problem from walking. I can go uphill forever, but downhill is agony (not the preferred scenario). It started while we were on holiday but it’s had two weeks to recover and hasn’t bothered me at all in those two weeks. Today it was worse than ever. I’m going to have to see what to do about it. Looks like rest isn’t going to cut the mustard.

Song of the day

I had a really good cup of coffee this morning (doesn’t happen very often in France, so it’s worth mentioning).  As we were walking out, they played this tune. I haven’t heard it for ages, but given where we were, it kind of summed things up. It’s Cat Stevens and Wild World.


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