A Song a Day – Day 266

BricksI’m wondering whether I’m going to continue blogging next year. Keeping going until the end of this year is looking very feasible now. I’m way past half way, the end is in sight. But I’m wondering what the point of it is? The image I have in my head is that each post is as if I’d made a brick. At the moment all these bricks are lying scattered on the ground, and it would be better if they were stacked together to make something else – like a (small) house, or a garden shed.

I do like the writing bit of it. I enjoy putting my thoughts down into words, and I’ve thought about doing  freelance writing. It would have to come out of  a void tho’. Right now, I’ve no contacts, no ideas and no encouragement apart from a vague feeling that it’s something I like doing. Hmm. Don’t know. Time will tell.

Bienvenue en France

Yesterday was the first meeting of the French/English conversation group I’ve signed up to. It was great! For once I met lots of a) interesting and b) nice people, both French and English. Note that this isn’t the one I talked about earlier this month. We had a bit of a falling out… More on that perhaps tomorrow.

Song of the day

Like Sade, I can’t believe I’ve come so far and not played anything from Seal. I’ll fix that now. Today’s tune is Kiss From a Rose, by Seal.


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