A Song a Day – Day 259

Age-standardised death rates from Breast cance...

Age-standardised death rates from breast cancer by country (per 100,000 inhabitants). Image from Wikipedia.

Yesterday I was editing an article about Alzheimer’s disease. It’s a subject I have a personal interest in as my grandmother suffered from it in her later years. I find it fascinating as, like breast cancer, it’s a disease of our times. I’m fully signed up to the (as yet unproven)  idea that breast cancer (and in men, low sperm counts) are due to the oestrogen we absorb from food which has been packaged in tin cans (especially green vegetables like peas) and plastics (like those ready-meals everyone seems so mad keen on).

I don’t yet have a similar personal theory for Alzheimer’s disease but while doing some reading around for the piece I was editing, I came across this old (2001) but enlightening article from Time Magazine on a piece of research known as the Nun study. It’s well worth a read, as much as a piece of social history as for the medical findings.

The short version is that the die is already cast by the time you’re twenty. After that, the things you can do to help yourself are to avoid having any kind of head injury, to keep your mind active, and to eat plenty of folates.

P.S. Leafy green vegetables (like spinach and turnip greens), fruits (like citrus fruits and juices), and dried beans and peas are all natural sources of folate. Good luck!

Song of the day

I was listening to Last.fm yesterday and have a new little list of great tracks. First up is this one which has made me cry each time I’ve listened to it. It’s the beautiful Georgia on My Mind sung here by Ray Charles.


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