A Song a Day – Day 258

Mmm. It’s the first day in a while that I’m waking up in my own bed. Feels good. The sun is still shining, the birds are still tweeting and it looks like it’s going to stay this way for a while. Not too bad.

Subscribers stand by!

Subscribers stand by – today you will bombarded with all the posts I missed during the holidays. I caught up yesterday. Writing about everything we’d done turned out to be a lovely way to bring it to a close. All the happy memories are all written down and will be harder to forget 🙂

Readers recommend

In my peramblings yesterday I came across a great source of song ideas on the Guardian website. It’s in the music section of their site, and is called ‘Readers Recommend’. The blogger posts an idea for a playlist (e.g. songs about September is the latest one) and readers provide their suggestions. The best ones make the playlist. There’s a huge amount of material and a depressing amount of music I’ve never even heard of. It all starts here http://www.guardian.co.uk/music/series/readersrecommend and there is even a playlist about shoes and one about vegetables 🙂


On the way to our holiday destination I saw something I’d never seen before. Parachutists.  I’m used to seeing paragliders where we are. They jump off the cliffs by us and spend hours floating around going up and down on the thermal winds. Parachutists, however, appear to just fall out of the sky at a terrifying speed. But I saw them hit the ground and they all landed on their legs and walked away. Thank God they were OK, but where’s the fun in that?

Song of the day

I’ll sneak this one in while the weather is still hot and the summer isn’t totally over.  It’s the classic In the Summertime by Mungo Jerry.


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