A Song a Day – Day 257


Wake up!

I’m back!

Back from our sublime holiday hiking in the Pyrenees. Along with the washing, I’ve got some backfilling to do on the blog. I meant to keep it up, honestly. I took the laptop, and they even had a good wi-fi connection at our campsite in the foothills of the mountains. But when it came to it, at the end of the day, I just didn’t have the energy. All is not lost, however.  Using the WordPress time machine I’ll recreate the past as if it was still happening and nobody will ever know the difference. Watch this space!

As for today, a very long journey back has finally ended, and it’s wonderful to not be moving anywhere anymore. Our little house has unfortunately neither blown up nor fallen down (I continue to live in hope) and we seem to be enjoying a lovely late summer heat wave.

Song for today

I can’t  find the right song for today. I’ve been looking for something to capture that mixture of happy-to-be-back, but sad-that-it’s-over feeling, but nothing comes to mind. This will have to do. While it’s not what I’m looking for, it’s a good tune nonetheless – Simon and Garfunkel with Homeward Bound.


One thought on “A Song a Day – Day 257

  1. good to have you back on board. WHat is this wordpress time machine? I am a bit jealous about your late summer , though have to say at least it has not been raining for 2 whole days. wow hiking in the pyrenness sounds rather fine too……think i would need to get into serious training to do that. I like like walking on the flat. have a good day.x

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