A Song a Day – Day 255

What a magnificent day! What a totally magnificent day. Today was the mega-walk. See this little map below there? Today we did the orange one. The long one, the high one, the one that goes to Le Pic Rouge de Bassiès, which is 2,676 metres high, and involves a 1,300 metre climb up to get to it.

It’s the longest/highest/hardest walk we’ve ever attempted, and it was fantastic!!! Up and up and up and up with a view that became ever more spectacular with each turn in the path. It was so hard, I gave up about half an hour from the end and told Mr DV to go on by himself and I’d follow him at my own pace.  So he did, and I did. Only, it turned out my pace was only slightly slower than his, so we ended up reaching the top within minutes of each other. And at the top? Wowowowowowowowowowowowowowowow. I am so happy I made that last effort.

Who else would you expect to meet at the top of a 2,600 metre peak in the Pyrenees but a famous English writer? Well, not that I recognised him but he said he was a writer and he shared his time between Clapham and his house in the Pyrenees. There’s not many struggling authors can afford to do that, so I reckon he must have been at least a little bit famous.

Walking on sunshine

The sun shone the whole day, it was warm and even at the top of the world where the griffon vultures live, there was hardly a breath of wind. Climbing Everest can’t be better than this 🙂


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