A Song a Day – Day 253

Another long walk, and another fantastic day. We re-traced our steps up to the plateau of yesterday but this time continued up the hill to l’étang (usually a pond, but a better translation here is tarn) de Gaubet.

L'étang du Garbet. Image courtesy of http://www.flickr.com/photos/catherinecaf/

There’s a well-marked circuitous path up to the étang, but heck, that would have been too boring. Instead we hunted around for a short-cut that we’d seen marked on the map. We did eventually find it. But only after 45 minutes of hacking, Indiana Jones-style, up the cliff face on our own newly-created route. It was only scary when you looked down 🙂

Anyway, the drama was well worth the effort. Not only was the étang scenic, the water was almost warm. After another picnic lunch, we pushed off to the far end for a skinny dip. At 1,700 metres it’s probably the highest I’ve even swum, and it was fantastic. More bliss bliss blissssssssssssssssssssssssss………….


It wasn’t nightswimming, but it was a lot the same kind of vibe. The recklessness of water, they cannot see me naked…  you know the rest.


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