A Song a Day – Day 248

OOf. Busy day today. It started early with a trip to my new French class. After much effort, at 9am I was there on time… alone. 10am I was still there… still alone. Hmmm. Wouldn’t be the first time things have gone awry and no-one has thought to tell me. Bienvenue en France!

Anyway, then I went to buy a new mirror. I haven’t been able to  look at myself in a full-length mirror since I moved to France more than four years ago. Now we have one and it is a revelation, although I’m kind of wishing I hadn’t bothered 😉

Then I sorted out loads of stuff for our hols which start tomorrow. Mr DV appears to be ageing. We were going camping, but he appears to have modified his idea of what camping is. No longer does it mean sleeping on a half inch foam mattress on the ground in a tent. Now it simply means going to a campsite – and staying in a chalet. That’ll do me donkey!

Song of the day

I got my daily fix of Radio 2 and they were yapping on about Freddy Mercury who apparently would be 65 today if he was still alive. Then they played all the usual We Are the Champions/Bohemian Rhapsody stuff. Boring boring boring. There is only one tune to remember Freddy by and (as I said before) it might be my favourite tune of all time. It is of course the fantasticosa Barcelona where he sings his heart out in the outstanding company of Montserrat Caballé. I’ve featured this on the blog before, and I wouldn’t be surprised if it turns up again before the year is done. Love love love it. I could live in this song. This is an even longer version than last time. Yum yum.


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