A Song a Day – Day 247

I’m working again, yippee! And in the past two days I’ve learned at least three new words. I always find it odd when I come across new words; I kind of thought by now I’d know them all. Well, at least everything that wasn’t deeply specialised. That said, I was thirty-six before I first heard the word ‘orthogonal’ and yesterday I came across the new word ‘toponym’.

A toponym is a place name, or a word derived from  a place-name. Toponymy is the scientific study of place names and a  toponymist is one who studies toponymy. Well I never.

Today I learned another word: anosognosia which is a condition in which a person who suffers from a disability seems unaware of the existence of their disability. It’s called anosognosie in French, and apparently Jacques Chirac is suffering from it. Maybe I am too, but then I wouldn’t know, would I?

And finally there’s en soute. This one’s French, so I’m not surprised I don’t know it. En soute is hold baggage, and specifically mettre un bagage en soute is to put your baggage in the hold (or check it in, I guess).  La soute is the hold  of a plane or boat.

So there y’are.  Who needs the BBC to get ejucated?

Song of the day

Seeing as how I’m in a bit of a French groove, here’s a classic French oldie that I do quite like. Edith Piaf died in a house  just over the road from us, and they’ve named a roundabout in her honour. Today’s tune is one of her best-known efforts – La Vie en Rose. Et un de ces jours je vais tenir ma promesse d’écrire quelques bouts de texte en français !

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