A Song a Day – Day 244

Two film reviews for today, Super 8 and Friends with Benefits both from 2011.

Super 8

First, Super 8. The short version. If you do get cornered into watching this film, make arrangements that will require you to leave after the first half an hour. Ask someone to call you to say your house is on fire, an elderly relative is sick, someone is stealing your car etc. The first half hour isn’t too bad. The rest I’ll tell you about.

In Harry Potter styl-ee a bunch of pre-teens get to save the world from the monster from Alien. It starts out quite well, with said teens making their own zombie movie. There’s some funny lines and quick wit, but once the monster arrives on the scene it goes steadily downhill. Predictably, the army are unable to contain the beast, and the love interest gets carried away into its lair. Predictably the teens make their way into the lair, save the love interest and disarm the beast. That’s it. We’ve seen it all before.

I’ve seen some reviews that claim this is a good film. These must be the same people who don’t give up their seats on the bus for those who need it more, throw cigarette butts out of car windows and leave half-finished bottles of Coke on the beach.

Friends with Benefits

The short version. A romantic comedy worth a watch. It’s not Oscar material, but it kept me entertained. Darlings of the moment Mila Kunis (the black swan in The Black Swan) and the guy from The Social Network (Justin Timberlake) are the  lovers who everyone can see are meant to be together but who won’t admit it to each other.

Pay attention at the beginning. It starts out at breakneck speed, the dialogue is fast, furious and very funny. It mellows as it goes along to the point where after an hour I was wondering how they were going to fill the rest of the time. Not to worry, thanks to some great performances from the supporting cast, it rounds out to a satisfying, if predictable conclusion.  My favourite line (from Mila’s mother to her daughter): “honey, you’re going to have to update your fairytale”.

Song of the day

I heard this on the radio yesterday. I haven’t heard it for years and I’d forgotten what a great tune it is. Sophie B Hawkins and Damn,  I Wish I Was Your Lover.


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