A Song a Day – Day 243

Following my expensive Elizabeth Arden experiment, I’ve found another product not to buy. Just before I left the UK, I was tempted by a display at Boots (top shelf no less) to buy Garnier’s ‘Miracle Skin Perfector‘. The blurb goes like this, “Garnier BB cream for immediately perfected skin with even tone and boosted glow. Blurs imperfections and smoothes fine lines”.

I’m not sure what the BB is all about but ladies, I really don’t recommend it. First of all, it only comes in two colours – light and medium. After the summer my face is somewhat tanned so I picked the medium one. Mistake! Medium is St Tropez fake tan brown; think the colour of Katie Price. I guess it’s ideal if you want to look like a wannabe X-factor contestant, for the rest of us, it’s a bit too much. With only the two colour options to choose from, it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to match your skin tone unless you buy both and mix them.

Second problem: it brought me out in spots. It has the consistency of a moisturiser, so I applied it all over. I have combination skin, and while it was fine on my cheeks, within hours I was seeing spots on my chin and forehead. Not good. Not good at all. Far from perfecting my skin, it made it worse. Although it does cover up the spots if you keep at it.

Another waste of money!

Song of the day

This one had to come around eventually, it’s just surprising it’s taken so long. Still lovely after all these years – Led Zeppelin and Stairway to Heaven.


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