A Song a Day – Day 241

Ben Nevis

Ben Nevis

Late post today because we’ve been up a mountain all day. This week’s mountain outing was to Mont Pépoiri in the Tinée vally. At 2,674 metres (compared to Ben Nevis at 1,200 metres) it’s one of the highest mountains we’ve climbed, but far from the hardest. There was only(!) 650 metres of ascent to do, and the guide time was four hours. We beat that by a good forty minutes (yeepah!); it was a reasonably easy climb, but more important, the weather was fabulous – little wind, and sunny but not too hot. At that altitude bad weather conditions can make things pretty uncomfortable even in August. Needless to say the view from the top was fabulous. One day maybe we’ll take a camera and get some pix. I wouldn’t bank on it tho’.

My groovy new expensive walking shorts performed well. What they lack in pockets they make up for in comfort and stretchiness. My new contact lenses were also no trouble at all the whole day. And I feel grrreat! All in all, an excellent day.

Song of the day

I’m still in a bit of a Peter Gabriel vibe, so here’s another of his stella tunes – Sledgehammer.


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