A Song a Day – Day 237

I’ve found the post that was supposed to be posted on Monday. With a little editing maybe all is not lost…

In the midst  of my hangover/headache [on Sunday] I took a drive to the coast to try to clear my poor befuddled head. It was glorious. The sea was flat calm, the sky was blue, the sun was shining and, most unusual of all, it was warm. Fortunately, in my not-quite-thinking-straight state I took a left turn instead of the usual right and found a lovely little bay I’d never come across before. So I stopped to take a look.

Now the view out to sea was gorgeous, but I was distracted by the contents of the field on the cliff tops where there were a few horses. And next to the horses was what, from a distance, looked like a herd of badly misshapen goats. They seemed to have unusually long legs and necks. A bit like a camel would look if it was crossed with a goat. As I walked towards them, I realised they were in fact… llamas! In Whitley Bay? What next? Kangaroos at Tynemouth? What made it even funnier was that they had been mostly sheared, apart from their legs which were still all furry and bushy. I’m not sure that it was intended to be a style statement, but they looked a lot like extras from Fame in their winter leg-warmers.

Song of the day

I’m stuck for a song for today [Thursday now] but I woke up to the noise of the rain against the bedroom window, which is the inspiration for this song that I’ve never actually heard before! It is Jonny Rivers (who?), with a tune from 1967 – Summer Rain.


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